Kgomotso Neto and Rendani Nemakhavhani are a creative duo to die for

Kgomotso Neto and Rendani Nemakhavhani’s collaborative project, All Hail the Honey, has been making waves in South Africa since the very first chapter, and has maintained that standard for the 7 subsequent chapters that followed. The project is a series of photographs that explores femininity in a modern African context, as told by Rendani’s alter-ego, Honey.

Chapter 1

The work is visually stunning and conceptually complex, and the narrative has been consistently charming throughout the project. Rendani and Kgomotso are both successful creatives in their own rights — Rendani is a communication designer and art director, and Kgomotso is a photographer whose work perfectly captures the visual idiosyncrasies of life in South Africa. Together, this creative duo is unstoppable.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

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