The Unbound – An ode to the peace manifesto

‘The Unbound’, covering the prominent UC Hastings University of Law Building in the Tenderloin, is an ode to the peace manifesto. This is the work of Faith XLVII, who says this artwork comes from a place of frustration and discontent with what the world has become and the direction that it is headed in.

After doing much research on peace manifestos and the many forms they have taken, Faith decided to formulate one that is rooted in empathy.

“The Unbound thematic is born from my personal feelings of frustration of the social-political context of today. Watching the disharmony, the dismantling of human rights and the continuous struggle for equality is exhausting. The only way I can keep going is if I can transform some of this into my work.”

Faith strategically chose the position of the artwork. In this location it is symbolic of a desperate plea to make a change and give people the hope that they so desperately need.

“The location of the mural is in the heart of the tenderloin. This is a very desperate corner of San Francisco with meth being dealt openly and heroine being injected right there on the pavements. Spending the week there was deeply saddening and further entrenched the significance of how much work needs to be done,” adds Faith.

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