With and Without Bees – Performance Art

This video is a plea to nurture and have better relationships with bees. Director and performer Megan May Nelson, who created the video, says the inspiration behind this performance piece comes from her father, a part-time beekeeper. She says amidst the outcry that human beings are killing bees, she wanted to create a performance piece that would raise awareness in a positive way and still be an ode to bees.

Megan says the smoke represents bees and speaks to the idea that, when the bees cease to exist, so do humans.

“A performance piece about our beautifully reliant relationship that we have with bees. Everyone is talking about how we are killing off the bees, which is a very real and current thing; but I decided to work with this fact in a slightly more positive light. An ode to the bees! Without them we wouldn’t have our avo’s or almonds and more – they provide us with endless amounts of nutritious foods. Let’s try our best to keep them, because we wouldn’t be without the bee.”


Director/Performer – Megan May Nelson

Cinematographer/Photographer – Luke Nelson

Music – Sarah Zimmerman

Props – Greg Nelson

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Between 10 and 5