Zeitz Mocaa art that resembles the art in Airbnb homes around the world

Zeitz Mocca, the largest museum of contemporary African art, celebrates a year since launching in September last year. To give you a satisfying artistic experience, Zeitz Mocca gives you a sneak peak of interior designs in Airbnb homes around the world that resembles Zeitz Mocca art.


 Zeitz Mocaa art: The Knight of the Long Knives by Athi-Patra Ruga

US Virgin Islands Airbnb home: A bohemian shack in paradise

Zeitz Mocaa art: Garai Four-Four by Gareth Nyandoro

Netherlands Airbnb home: Wooden house in Bad Nieuweschans

Zeitz Mocaa art: Choc Des Cultures-Bon Vent by Julien Sinzogan

Macedonia Airbnb home: Unique artistic apartment

Zeitz Mocaa art: Ophiophillia by Frances Goodman

Missouri Airbnb home: Quirky home

Zeitz Mocaa art: Here to Stay by Jody Paulsen

Bangkok Airbnb home: Designer loft


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