Half & Halve, a photography duo giving us double the aesthetics

Half & Halve is a photography duo made up of brothers Shakeel and Tash Toefy. Founded in 2016, the duo makes use of each of the brother’s skills – Shakeel is currently in his 4th year of a BSc majoring in finance, while Tash is a 3rd year BA student majoring in Film & Media and English Literature. The pair takes us on a guided tour of their five fave Instagram posts.

Versatile Street Style

Inspired by the growing trend of street style, this image formed part of an editorial showcasing the versatility of street wear. We love the minimalistic feeling of the image; a monochromatic look against a concrete setting. The subtle motion of the subject creates a feeling of power and mystery while encapsulating the outfit as the focal element of the image.

Silence From The Sea

Silence From The Sea is a concept that was born out of the idea of the powerhouse career woman who takes refuge and calm from the sea. We adore the wandering eyes of both subjects, as if no one else is around; the calm water met by a powerful duo of women. There is just so much emotion captured in this photo.


A “paused” era; when things were simpler and more satisfying. This series is slightly different to our usual style, which is why we think this photo represents us so well. Our work takes several forms and styles based on the concept. We loved the vintage feel of this photo as well as the composition; the open door acts as a frame for the subject.

Morocco Dreaming

Warm summer tones and African print. The idea of this series was to create the feeling of Morocco … in South Africa. Burnt orange, warm weather and statement dresses are some of the things that come to mind when thinking about Morocco. We love the warm editing style that compliments the exaggerated pose and creates a sense of drama in the photo.


Dearly Beloved

A high-fashion Autumn feel was the basis of this shoot for a local clothing brand. What we love about this shot in particular is the blurred reeds surrounding the subject, acting as another layer to the photo, as well as the warm brown tones created by natural light and a complimenting editing technique.




Between 10 and 5