Ideas for Your Side Hustle to Make Life More Affordable

Looking for a creative way to close the expanding gap between your income and expenses? We have five side hustle ideas you can start right after reading this.


Managing your finances in the midst of petrol and VAT hikes is daunting for the average working Millennial who was fine until around April this year. If your annual increase hasn’t come in yet, chances are you’re looking at an additional stream of income to keep your tank and kitchen cupboards filled.  


According to Old Mutual’s Savings and Investment Monitor, more South Africans are finding resourceful ways to increase their income by working more than one job. The survey of over 900 people found that 55% of participants use the extra income to support their lifestyles, 45%  save it for a rainy day, while 43% use it to pay off debt.


“A far greater number of urban young adults are quickly becoming moonlighting entrepreneurs – doing freelance-style jobs for extra cash and cred – many with a hope of making it a permanent business eventually,” says HDI Youth Marketeers’ Lara Petersen. “It’s a way to make money out of their (often artistic or tech) passion while being able to count on the pay cheque of a day job.”


1) Start a creative taste experience


Pop-up restaurants are a great way to pursue your culinary passion without the full-time commitment of running a full blown eatery daily. You have the option of either operating from a food truck, which you park during the week and bring out for business on weekends, or you can have your restaurant ‘pop up’ in different locations monthly.


It’s important and to be different, yet authentic when embarking on this journey, as without a permanent location, you want customers to know where you are and when you are open – and hopefully be hooked enough (by your tasty cuisine) to follow you there.


3) Capture memories for money


How many times do you see a tweet, WhatsApp group message or recommendation request on Facebook asking for a photographer on short notice for an upcoming event or shoot? If your answer is often – and you love photography – perhaps you should put your hand up for these gigs.


You’ll need a working knowledge of a professional camera, in addition to owning one, and a few other pieces of equipment you can also rent – depending on the shoot. The great thing about photography is that you can either do events after working hours, wedding, engagement and maternity shoots on weekends, and other special occasions outside of your nine-to-five.


3) Open a mobile nail bar


Nail technicians are seeing an increase in clientele as the perfect set of nails becomes a necessity for every working professional woman today. Whether it’s a working girl, a bride-to-be or a matric girl going to her first dance, being mobile gives you the edge over traditional nail bars. You can book appointments outside of working hours (which could be more convenient for your working women anyway) and make house calls or operate from your home should the client prefer it.

4) Partner with brands on social media


The amount of time you already spend posting your #OOTD, your appetizing catch-up lunch with your bestie, or your newest read could earn you extra money. Just ask some of the girls (and guys) you spot on Instagram living their best lives on posts tagged with ‘paid partnership with [insert big brand name here]’. Being a social media influencer can become a full-time job, but you can also make time for it with a stable nine-to-five.


Brands are increasingly seeking to appeal to this generation on consumers who seek peer recommendation of regular advertising, so if you focus on gradually building an audience, establishing a loyal follower count and creating audience engagement factors, your love for fashion, food or beauty could lead to an increase in your bank balance.


5) Become a promo girl/guy


Okay, so wearing heels and tight dresses or crazy promotional outfits may not be your idea of fun, but there are businesses out there built to supply income to people who can help out at events either in malls for new products or at weekend or weeknight events for a few hours.

If you like interacting with people and have enough confidence to take rude guests and potential customers with a pinch of salt, consider signing up to an agency for a lucrative opportunity in promotions.

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