Isivatho SamaNyange photo series by Siviwe Ntsikelelo Ntleki

Isivatho SamaNyange, which means Apparel of Deities, is the brain child of Vatoh Kouture. Self-taught fashion designer Siviwe Ntsikelelo Ntleki says this fashion line explores cultural dimensions throughout Africa. This line is “showcasing not only the adornment in our diversity but the symbolism that has permeated throughout time, the land and the peoples, from the San to the Pharaohs and the diaspora,” says Siviwe.

“The plot is set in a distant future when the earth has succumbed to the destruction of man and on the verge of doom. For a moment it appears that the end has finally arrived but then again it comes to light that it’s actually the realisation of a prophecy that the earth shall once again be renewed with the arrival and through the works of visitors from ancient times.”

The jewelry on the models shows the adinkra symbols of the Akan people of Ghana, the masks, which represent earth spirits, are inspired by the Woyo masks of the people of the river of Congo. They are worn in a ritual dance called Ndunga. The staff is symbolic of the staff of Osiris and the staff of Osanyin.


Photography: Litha Mpiyakhe

Between 10 and 5