Ruby Okoro lets his subconscious overflow through art

Ruby Okoro is a young photographer from Nigeria. Born in Enugu state, he has moved around for most of his childhood – from Nigeria to Rome, and then back to Ogun for University. Ruby’s home, at least for now, is Lagos.

Ruby has always been an artist, making paintings and drawings, but he has fallen in love with photography. The medium appeals to him as it allows him to resurrect old ideas and projects in a digital format. For Ruby, photography is “more like a means to channel my positive and creative energy into something productive. This way I could let my subconscious overflow through my art.”

Ruby’s photography is filled with vibrant colours and textures: combined with his eye for composition and editing skills, the resulting photos are stunning and almost hyper-real. He describes his photographs, “The most appealing thing is the ability to exercise my imagination as a multidimensional artist through conceptual, aesthetic and vibrant photography. These images highlight different moods through my lens while remaining composed. This way my audience gets a vivid look and your perception about the obvious transforms. More like an untold story.”

Between 10 and 5