100% Design South Africa award winners, KINO

Cape Town-based duo, Nico Hendriksz and Anton Louw behind the furniture brand Kino are this year’s winners of the 100% Design South Africa Award.

Kino launched at the show last year as part of the 100% talent feature and won the ‘Best of 100% talent’ award and has continued to grow ever since. “The reason why 100% Design South Africa is so effective, is that it exposes designers to the right audience, and vice versa, and facilitates productive relationships within the industry,” says Laurence Brick, creative director of 100% Design South Africa.

Their workshop began with odd manufacturing jobs and custom pieces but soon grew into Kino. Anton says this knowledge has come in handy. “It was an important time in our careers in that it allowed us to hone our skills and develop deeper material knowledge,” he explains.

The brand balances traditional crafts and minimal aesthetic, with a particular focus on craftsmanship. “Our products are not mass-produced in a large factory. Instead, each is made to order by a small team of skilled and passionate craftsmen,” says Nico.

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