Multitudes, sis: The Journey to Centre of Identity

Joburg-based artist, NEGASIWRLD says ‘Multitudes, sis: The Journey to Centre of Identity’ is a portraiture series “exploring the concepts of duality for the black queer African living in the present with influences and visions of the future.”

The series consists of 10 genderfluid characters – they’re all on a journey of discovery. They wish to find their purpose and a place of belonging that they can call home. “Home signifying a space where they can fully exist in their absolute expressions and within their multitudes.” says NEGASIWRLD.

“Using clothing, make up and props (styled in abstract ways) to bring the characters to life and each background being a blanket, which is highly significant in black South African culture; the artist surrenders themselves as the canvas to project the complex stories that are both ancestral and prophetic”

Dystopian Diana


Lindiwe The Resolute


Princess Dingane


The Virgin Bride


Vuyiswa The Voyager


Styling, art direction and editing: NEGASIWRLD

Between 10 and 5