Parabyl’s new Stages of Grief EP

Music producer Parabyl says his latest 5 track music composition, the Stages of Grief EP is a release of emotion that is dear to his heart.

“[This is] very personal and emotional to me – I tried to express some of my feelings around the different aspects and experiences of grief and loss, both the ups and downs, and replicate them in song. It’s very close to my heart as a musical piece and I hope that it would help some others explore such headspaces, and essentially experience the cathartic and healing powers of music.”

The musician gained traction in late 2016 and hasn’t looked back. He has produced music for musician Mx Blouse and captured the attention of notable industry figures. You can listen to Stage of Grief on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple music.


Photographer: Hana Sho

Stylist: Jarret Trapman

Between 10 and 5