Koketso Tube’s new photoseries looks at The Journey

Koketso Tube‘s latest photo series, The Journey, looks at the everyday struggles and paths that affect each of us. The photo series was inspired by the feeling that each of us, when going along our journeys, ends up feeling alone – Koketso shot these photos to remind us that we aren’t alone on this journey. 

Koketso is a wedding and portrait photographer who moves between Joburg and Rustenburg. His previous series looked at the lives and expressions of LGBTQIA+ people living in Rustenburg, and how the culture and reactions to queer people is different in Rustenburg than it is in a big city like Joburg.

The photos were shot in the North West and Gauteng, and they aim to portray the everyday realities that people live as opposed to the highly-edited, super-curated version of our lives that get portrayed on Instagram or other social media. Koketso chose to shoot the series in black and white because of the old adage that says when you photograph someone in colour you photograph their clothes, but when you photograph someone in black and white you photograph their souls. 


Between 10 and 5