Redbull music presents La Maison Noir: The Gift and the Curse

La Maison Noir (The Black House) is Petite Noir‘s new four-part visual album. Shot in the Namibian desert, it tells a story of struggle, birth (kala), life (takula), death (luvemba) and rebirth (musoni). This visual narrative looks at Petite Noir’s identity politics of growing up in Africa, fame and the “noir wave experience”.

While the noir wave has become a cultural movement that specifically speaks to the aim of African artists to create high art, it first began as a term used by Petite Noir to describe his sound. Petite Noir’s own manifesto declares that it is “The abandonment of retrofitted Western narratives”.

Client: Red Bull Music
Agency: Iconic
Creative Director: Rharha Nembhard
Directors: Rharha Nembhard and Timothy Weyer
Director of Photography: Deon Van Zyl
Executive Producer: Keane Balt
Producer: Kirby Kruger
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Kirkby
First AD: Alex Fynn
Focus Puller: Matthew MacDonald
Drone Operator: Nick Burton-Moore
Phantom Operator: Karl Schmidt
Cine Assist: Dane Staples
Scriptwriter: Tarryn Naude
Performance Artist & Choreographer: Manthe Ribane
Fashion Director & Art Director: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Wardrobe Assist: Yonela Makoba
Wardrobe Assist: Clint Sylvester
Make-Up: Kulan Ganes
Make-Up Assist: Zulerene Rinquest
Offline Editors: Andrew Kirkby and Alex Fynn
Online Editor: Timothy Weyer
Colourist: Kyle Stroebel
Sound Design: Timothy Weyer, Yannick Ilunga and Sasha Righini

Between 10 and 5