Scottish Leader presents perspective – shifting digital experience

Whisky brand Scottish Leader, famously known for challenging perspectives, has created a new software that detects emotions. Whether you have a frown, smile or surprised look on your face while looking at interesting images, this digital tool will tell you. It recognises facial expressions of participants when they’re shown a range of images that insight different emotions.

The images, captured in collaboration with I See A Different You, are themed around beauty, masculinity and love. They challenge the narrow-minded way we’ve come to look at and associate with certain imagery and encourage a different perspective.

The month of October has been dedicated to beauty. So this month, when using the micro-site, you will be shown images that have a strong focus on beauty, while November and December will focus on masculinity and love. Once all your emotions have been captured you will be presented with a customised video that includes the image that challenged your perspective the most or resonated most. Then you can share them with others on social media.

Speaking on how the idea came about, Meryll Stocks Roos of Scottish Leader’s SA marketing team says, “Scottish Leader inspires others to see things from a new perspective to discover new possibilities. Our existing partnership with visionary youth culture pioneers I See A Different You, who have dedicated their talents to bringing alternative views of South Africa to a global audience, proved to be brilliant in bringing this to life.”

“In collaboration with them and our digital partner agency, Digitas Liquorice, we created a perspective-shifting digital experience using emotion detection software. Expected and more radical perspectives of familiar themes were explored for the digital showcase. Through innovative emotion detection technology, people’s reactions to each picture, such as frowns and smiles, are analysed, from little response to surprise, in order to create an accurate portrayal of their perspective on each image.” Meryll Stocks Roos of Scottish Leader’s SA marketing team. 

To participate, access the micro-site on your mobile phone. Engage with Scottish Leader on Instagram and Twitter.






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