‘The exploration of music through the use of illustrations’ – Mpho Mosola

Joburg-based, multi-talented artist Mpho Mosola‘s work ranges from graphic design, typography, digital illustration and photography. He says his illustrations are inspired and strongly influenced by music. “Music, according to my perception, is the most consumed form of art among millennials. Music connects, drives, motivates and speaks in colours of imagination and profound accent, and that is why I always link my work with such an aesthetic,” he explains.

Mpho says that his career in the creative space was initially inspired by interior design – particularly looking at how arranged art pieces can create a certain mood. Comic books, illustrative colouring books and cartoons have also been equally inspiring to him.

Mpho was one of the top 10 national design finalists at the Number 1 Mageu 2018 Art and Soul competition.

“My work represents pop culture in the context of music, specifically EDM (electronic dance music). I narrated the genre’s up beat tempo through movement and contrast. What makes this work unique is the exploration of music through the use of illustration.”



  1. Shanelle Coertzen

    Congratulations Mpho, may your path to the future be pathed with success.

    My favorite quite from John Wooden reads…

    Success is peace of mind in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming…

    In a nutshell this is what you have done…followed a dream and a passion and become that which is in you and it is that passion than can be seen in your work. Well done young man

  2. BIG UPS to you Mpho Mosola, such amazing unique work?♥️?