Thintazimnike – music from a dark place

Thintazimnike is alternative rap artist, Karabo Otaku’s latest project. The collection of songs was inspired by a dark time in Karabo’s life. He addresses his own personal issues in a dark yet melodic way. “I made Thintazimnike while in a dark space as a form of comfort or elevation; an alter ego to fight personal demons.” says Karabo.

“By opening up about my struggles dark times I hope to give those going through the same some of light”

The vibrant sound of this project is inspired by sounds from different genres – this is something Karabo appreciates in music. Artists that have inspires him over time such as Mashayaqhube kaMamba and Okmalumkoolkat make music that is a fusion that includes but is not limited to hip hop, maskandi and kwaito. Listen to Thintazimnike here.


Between 10 and 5