Tales from Teachers

Tales from Teachers is a a back-to-school campaign by Fruit of the Loom. It is inspired by real notes, given to students by their teachers to take home, ranging from “Why Maya may have a worm in her pocket”, “How a boy got a nacho in his eye” and “How Nikki’s friend accidentally ate her lip-balm”.

This was animated by Tulips and Chimney‘s executive producer turned director Nina Pfeiffer and her team. It was featured on Adweek and selected as Editor’s Pick on AdAge. “As soon as we read the brief, we knew we were in for a fun ride,” says Nina.

“The scripts were so wonderfully eccentric that within the first brainstorm we knew we’d have to design a world as quirky as the characters on the page. Nacho, Worm and So Hungry were a great opportunity to explore a brand new aesthetic with exceptionally vibrant colours, wonky designs and characters that could melt the heart”

Between 10 and 5