#cocreateDESIGN FESTIVAL 2019 – Inspiring Resilience

Following a successful event in 2018, the #cocreateDESIGN FESTIVAL is returning to Cape Town in February, bringing designers, academics, policy makers, activists, entrepreneurs and citizens together to learn, engage, network and empower African cities to be more resilient.

The festival aims to build stronger, smarter, more resilient communities by encouraging attendees to develop relationships and providing them with the knowledge they need to take collective action.

“The adverse shocks and stresses being experienced by people and communities in cities across Africa are becoming fiercer, more complex and more intertwined. Navigating these challenges – and finding long-lasting solutions – requires a broad-based societal commitment to co-design solutions that lead to healthier and more resilient African cities and communities.”- coCreateDESIGN

This year’s theme was chosen because of the many stresses that are being experienced by people and communities across Africa. In an effort to co-create healthier communities, a broad-based societal commitment is required. The #cocreateDESIGN FESTIVAL will start the conversations that are necessary to navigate these challenges, helping African cities find long-lasting solutions.

The #cocreateDESIGN FESTIVAL was initiated by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and was created to show the world how design can be used to tackle socio-economic and environmental challenges within an African context.

Day one will feature speakers from across Africa and the globe and will give attendees the chance to connected and collaborate.

Day two will offer a selection of masterclasses on various topics, allowing attendees to take a deep dive into the festival’s resilience theme.

Seats are limited and the early bird special ended on the 5th February 2019.


Between 10 and 5