Wesley van Eeden’s Murals and Illustrations of Hope

South African muralist and illustrator, Wesley van Eeden says when creating murals his inspiration lies in giving people hope. He says this is light of the major socio-economic challenges facing the country along with it’s political climate.

“[I’m] interested in creating work that is influenced by African aesthetics – telling stories of hope and spreading a positive message. South Africa faces many issues such as poverty and a corrupt government, which leaves a sense of hopelessness for the youth,” says van Eeden.

While hoping to inspire feelings of aspiration and ambition, his work which can be seen on Resoborg, is in equal part is a celebration of everyday South Africans and their culture.

He creatively captures simple practices such as waiting for a taxi and signaling a specific destination.

“My work celebrates local culture with bright bold shapes inspired by African patterns and local people.” says van Eeden.

His work has enjoyed local and international popularity. Van Eeden has spread his creative wings for more than a decade having participated in Artist Residencies in New York and Finland. He continues to create illustrations for clients across the globe.

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