Transparent Geometries

Transparent Geometries, a large-scale light art installation, was created by light artist, Caitlin Warther, and designer, art director, Wendy Dixon.

This large scale light art installation was showcased at the Spier Festival of Art Light from December 2018 to January 2019 and spanned the width of the Spier dam. 

“Transparent Geometries creates subtly complex perceptual effects. In these sculptures a phenomenological experience of architectural space takes place provoking the viewer into an internal dialogue between mind and body. We hope that the lines of light promotes a heightened sensitivity to the experience of stillness in relation to the fleeting passage of time.”

As a recent graduate of the Parsons School of Constructed Environments NYC, Caitlin is an interdisciplinary light artist whose practice encompasses sculpture and photography in an ongoing investigation into what it means to inhabit space.

Wendy currently runs a branding and design studio called Dixon Design that focuses on design and curation of creative businesses and spaces.

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