Shift Perspective Creates Robben Island Coffee Table to Commemorate the Island’s Historical Significance

Cape Town based furniture studio Shift Perspective has unveiled Robben Island table which illustrates the geographical isolation that political prisoners endured during incarceration under apartheid South Africa.

Robben Island Coffee Table

Resembling Robben Island the sea floor around it, the table measures 1200m by 600m and stands at 400 mm off the ground. It includes three sterling silver ships, which anchored around the island and one petrol tanker. There are eighteen ships available for sale representing the years Nelson Mandela spent imprisoned on the island. The price tag is quite hefty so unless one is a collector or has R74 000 to spend, we’ll just appreciate it from afar.

Robben Island Coffee Table top view
Robben Island Coffee Table top view

Robben Island stopped operating as a prison in the year 1991 and now stands as an important site of history.

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