#MadeExceptionalMadeHere- Former Pro- Skateboarder Kent Lingeveldt Collabs with Three Ships Whiskey

When buying an overseas board just wasn’t an option, champion skateboarder Kent Lingeveldt decided to craft his own.

As part of the Made Exceptional. Made Here campaign by Three Ships Whiskey, Kent crafts a skateboard from wood similarly to how the range of globally award-winning Three Ships Whiskies are made at The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington: with patience, hard-work and passion.

“No piece of wood is exactly the same. They have a life of their own and you can’t always flex the wood the way you want it, it all depends on the grain. And I’ve noticed at the distillery that the wood you use for maturing the whiskies in, plays an extremely important role in the final taste and colour of the whisky. If the wood stops delivering, it’s important to re-vat into a different cask. My boards are similar – not all pieces of wood are the same and so not one board that I create is an exact replica of the other.”

It takes about four days for Kent to shape a piece of wood into a master piece using either South African pine or black wood.

“I spend many hours on my boards and each time I pick up subtle changes that would make the board perform better or allow me to go faster. It’s a process of becoming one with the board, not a mass-produced item that all perform exactly the same.”

To add an authentic touch to each of his boards, Kent adds artwork inspired by street culture and graffiti.

The Legends Collection is a series of boards that feature significant people of our time and aims to teach the younger generation about the important legacy they have left behind.

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