W.O.K.E Arts: A Conscious Collaborative Creative Movement

W.O.K.E Arts is a conscious collaborative platform that brings together creatives in the name of free expression, exposure and unity in an industry that often places emphasis on the individual. With the upcoming #WokeKaap event taking place on the 2 March 2019, in line with Cape Town Pride week, we spoke to the founder to find out more about the rare and important organization.

Motsei Ngoanakoana Marumo performing at a W.O.K.E Arts event

How did the W.O.KE Arts movement begim?

W.O.K.E Arts which is actually an acronym for We’re Original Kreatif Enlightened Arts is a Conscious Art Movement that hosts pop up mixed art exhibitions in collaboration with brands and venues.

It was formed in 2015, challenged by a need for platforms that celebrate live music and emphasize authentic, intimate artistic experiences. The first event was held in Pretoria, there were many artists that helped pioneer this movement but it has consistently been driven by Founder Tsholofelo Radebe and Co-Founder Tshegofatso Maselesele.

We aim to unite young creatives of the African Art Renaissance.

You’ve chosen to focus on the idea of love and it being “the highest vibration” when it comes to the process of creativity, tell us about that?
“Love is the highest vibration” serves as our mantra and mission statement. In the same way that we aim to unite artists, our highest goal is to unite humanity through our creation.

Love is a force that deeply affects all of us, one’s acknowledgment of it or ignorance towards it affects our relationship with life intensely.

What is your opinion on the creative industry at the moment in terms of opportunities and visibility for young artists?

The significance of creative work is taken a lot more seriously than it was in the past. With regards to opportunities, the industry needs to be opened but we believe that creatives can create their own opportunities and when we circulate the interest people have into communities, with the support of brands and art councils we can expand the industry.

You are hosting an event in Cape Town this weekend, what can we expect to see/hear/experience?  

W.O.K.E Arts only takes ownership of the vibe, the motive and the infrastructure we set which is an intimate, exciting space for people to express their honesty skillfullyy through their craft.

What is the next big project you have in line?

We’re working on having solid consistent residencies in Cape Town, Johannesburg and continuing our relationship with African Beer Emporium in Pretoria. With solid execution and support we may host Festival in future which could be the SuperBowl of the culture.

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