Siemens Fabric is how AFRO Meets Smart Design, for Future Smart Cities

Siemens FABRIC is a showcase of how the underlying data of an African city can play a role in transformation into the smart cities of the future. Demonstrated by using data to design unique fabrics for each city, then designing garments from those fabrics.

SIEMENS believes that each city has a unique story, created by its citizens, told by their movements and expressed through patterns. Siemens took these patterns and used them to create bespoke fabrics for the cities of Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. Fashion designers took these fabrics and created beautiful garments that are true representations of each city.

Cities Need to Get Smarter

By 2050, 1.4 billion people will be living in an African city. In Nigeria alone, 212 million people will have moved to a city. African cities need to swiftly evolve to become smarter, by embracing the power of intelligent technology to create solutions for rapid population and economic growth.

Data will enable smart decision-making, help us connect the dots and ensure that past failures do not repeat itself.”

CEO of Siemens Southern and Eastern Africa, Sabine Dall’Omo

On being briefed by Siemens and the King James Group and stepping out of the traditional production house realm, First Pencil became city data collectors and interpreters and designed and oversaw the printing process for 9 unique fabrics depicting city areas in Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg.

The team appointed and liaised with three fashion designers and oversaw the garment manufacturing process. They then conceptualised a stage design and show and produced the opening video, directed by Justine Calverly, for the Siemens Fabric showcase.

Check out the video for the Siemens Fabric campaign below.

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