Mungo presents – The Vadoek

Vadoek (n.) Fa-duk. The Afrikaans word for a multipurpose cloth for kitchen usage.

Mungo’s new 100% cotton Vadoek is a vibrant checkered kitchen cloth that certainly checks all the boxes – colour, texture, absorbency and ultimate utility all in one. This contemporary take on the traditional plaid tea towel
will bring a splash of colour and playfulness to all those daily kitchen tasks.

“At the moment I am intrigued by the beautiful symmetry of checks and the amazing colour fusions that they produce when the yarns overlap.”

Mungo designer, Lenore Schroeder

Lenore made it her mission to reinterpret the classic kitchen cloth, turning it into something that people feel proud to hang on display, rather than stuffing into the back of the linen drawer where all the other unsightly cloths reside.

In an effort to bring texture and functionality to the Vadoek, Lenore turned to Master Weaver, Stuart Holding’s archive of historic pattern books and found the mock ‘leno’ weave. It wasn’t just the name that captured Lenore’s attention. The loosely interlaced warp and weft threads increase the surface area of the cloth, making it thick and absorbent – perfect for soaking up spills and handling hot plates.

The Vadoek range consists of 9 colourways, each with its own unique personality and character. Whatever your palette preference, we’re sure you’ll find a handsome kitchen companion here.

Bring a little classic charm to the table with the iconic Provincial Stripe linen.

Mungo has also updated their table linen range with the new Sage Provincial Stripe.

The Provincial Stripe range is a classic staple that’s been on the Mungo table for years. This summer Mungo introduced a soft green to the scene with the new sage stripe, which pops against a bright white backdrop.
Woven with a cotton warp and a linen weft known as a union cloth, the Provincial Stripe champions the best of both natural fibres, with the durability and handle of pure linen and the softness and crease resistance of cotton.

Available in store and online in napkins and various table sizes.

Between 10 and 5