Savage Kingdom – Unpacking the Side Effects of Apartheid

Savage Kingdom is the first photography project by designer and artist,
Nqaba Shakes Fatman Mbolekwana.

As someone who uses public transport on a regular basis, Shakes was able to capture the lifestyles of of black people living in the townships on the city outskirts.

Savage Kingdom aims to explore and unpack the side effects of apartheid on the lives of black people living and working in the townships, villages and outskirts of major South African cities.

As a young black man, Shakes wanted to showcase the economical and social trauma that people of colour have been left with following apartheid.

Shakes has experienced what it’s like to live in the townships and villages versus the suburbs and has seen first hand the economical uphill that people experience on a daily basis.

“When it comes to survival, like lions and hyenas on the quest for power and territory in the jungle, moral values, reasoning and understanding get thrown out the back door. In the jungle only the strongest, fastest and most cunning will survive the savage kingdom.”


Between 10 and 5