Keith Henning’s Dick Lamp; a Bad Paper edition

Explorations with Keith Henning into phallic ceramic lighting

Keith Henning’s latest creation is a glazed earthenware, powder-coated mild steel (base) & brass (bracket)  standing lamp.

The designer and founder of the clothing label AKJP, known for its asymmetric silhouettes and graphic prints recently presented a departure from his wearable ranges.

The concept store, which also houses 22 designers, has ventured into a more conceptually orientated space showcasing local designs and installations, allowing the opportunity for owner Keith Henning to explore his previous industrial design background and showcase his latest work – Dick Lamp.

The lamp draws inspiration from artists Louis Bourgeois, Robert Mapplethorpe, vintage pornography magazines and the erotic gay culture. The ceramic shade takes its form from the original design piece by Gianni Celada 69. The ceramic piece was dip-glazed to produce the distinctive details on the surface creating the appearance of a penis.

Together with Bad Paper a multi-disciplinary editions and publications company based in Cape Town, co-founded by Ben Johnson and Rodan Kane Hart, Keith Henning showcased the edition of ten Dick Lamps with a window installation at the store on the 15th of February and at Bad Paper’s booth at the 2019 Cape town Art Fair.

Accompanied by a poster (edition of 20) of which the campaign images are included, shot by Michael Oliver Love. 

Between 10 and 5