Designer Donna Mathole’s Fashion Label is Inspired by Utility and Ease

Donna Mathole wanted to create a clothing brand that catered to his unique style preferences, which is when Physical ART’Dress was born.

Mathole paired his passion for storytelling with his love for fashion and turned it into a business. His most recent collection, Work Wear, was inspired by the denim that miners, postmen and construction workers used to wear while working.

Q&A with Donna Mathole

Where did your love for fashion begin?

My love for fashion is home brewed. I grew up in a family that took pride in what they wore, with each person depicting their vibrant character with such boldness.

Did you study anything design or fashion related?

I like to think of myself as a natural creative – I didn’t study anything related to fashion design.

What inspired you to create the Physical Art Dress brand?

The brand was inspired by my everyday living. I believe that what we wear as individuals tells a story and when we dress, we portray a form of art.

Where do you draw your inspiration from during the design process?

I draw inspiration from my surroundings, music, culture and art.

Have there been any challenges that you’ve needed to overcome to enter this space?

Yes, this being a saturated space was one of the challenges. Also, there will always be people who do not understand your design or aesthetics.

What are your future plans for the brand?

My aim is to create a culture around my designs because it’s not just a clothing brand, it’s a lifestyle . I also plan to open an online store and keep on curating and creating.

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