My Head, Your Hand – The New Collaborative Series by Mrs + Mr Luke

As you can see the husband and wife artistic duo from Cape Town have done it again. Mrs + Mr Luke have completed their first collaborative work for 2019 and we’re super excited to share it with you.

The series is called My Head, Your Hand. The pair collaborated by using Mr Luke’s head, he sketched the designs in his trusty sketchbook, and Mrs Luke’s hand, who then took the sketches and translated them into the beautiful colour motifs by building them from plastic building blocks by hand, called Tessellation.

Mrs Luke was inspired by her recent trip to Morocco, where this intricate and delicate art sparked her own love for tiny details and intricate patterns.

Mr Luke’s designs are as considered and detailed as ever.

The result is a series of five unusual and alluring pieces that evoke a deep African style with a modern twist. The strong geometric designs look almost pixelated as a result of the medium Mrs Luke used, creating an old-school feel even though this is a completely new style of art.

The Green
The Light Blue
The Mid Blue
The Orange
The Pink

Each design was meticulously put together, taking considerable planning and preparation, even before a single block was placed. On closer inspection the intricate block-work of each design can be seen. The blocks vary in size, which is helpful, but can make building according to a design difficult.

Detail of Light Blue

All the works are exactly the same size in portrait and landscape versions. And after hours of creation, they are ready for the public.
Size: A2 (420 x 595 x 30mm)

Between 10 and 5