Seeing Stars – in conversation with digital artist Lethabo Huma

Lethabo Huma describes herself as a ‘digital painter’. The 20 year old from Pretoria details the principal theme in her work as being expressive portraiture fused with stars, formed lines and soft background colours. She uses her work as a mirror to portray her emotional and mental response to life experiences. Her aim is to provoke emotion or thought through her art.

“OUCH” – Muse: Reece King

“Reminiscing “ – Muse: Riky Rick

In a recent conversation with the self-taught artist, she shared with us some insights into her creative journey; such as, where she draws inspiration from and the process behind her incredible artworks.

“Time&Mind” – Muse: Earl Sweatshirt

“Still” – Muse: Zahra Bentham

“I get a lot of inspiration from things I see that I can relate to or resonate with at that moment in my life. All of my work makes up different parts of myself. Creating has always been a time for me to vent, evaluate, realize and heal. It is a time for me to get my dose of emotional or mental growth and I always try to share this with others in interesting ways. My work is there to invoke some kind of thought or emotion in people. It is my way of connecting to and contributing something to the world.”

“Peace” – Muses: Jalen and Isa’ah

Digital painting is simply using a tablet or computer to create stuff using  software that provides brushes that you would use when painting traditionally. I’ve been part of the digital painting world for over a year and I love it. Painting digitally is a bit harder because the connection of a stylus to a tablet will never be as precise and accurate as a paint brush to canvas. However, digital painting provides such a wide variety of colours, paint brush textures and an unbelievable amount of experimental possibilities.”


“Process” – Muse: Amanda

“Vince” – Muse: Tchisseke Vincent

“The references I use are always a mirror of how I feel and/or think in that moment.  The only ‘non-digital’ aspect that falls part of my creative process would be the brainstorming part, when I plan where and how everything is going to be placed as well as things I should add or remove. Other than that, everything is digital.”

“GRACE” – Muse: Sevdaliza

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