Channay Harvey Takes a Look at The People of Westbury

Westbury is an area with a difficult, most recently protest action was experienced in the area after the death of Heather Petersen in September last year. She was caught in crossfire while with her 11 year old niece on their way to collect her school report.

After the protests took place violence in the area is reported to have gone down. Channay Harvey explores the every day life of this context.

Harvey takes a look at what life is really like in the Westbury community. Streets filled with wandering kids, local wedding celebrations, street corner meetings, nights that never end and the constant search for liberation, freedom and safety by young and old.

Children Playing in the street in Westbury

Flat block in Westbury
A man in a suit with sunglasses in Westbury
A child in Westbury walking out of her house
A woman smiling and dancing in Westbury
A Sports Bar in Westbury
A kid in Westbury
A man walking in Westbury
A wall with graffiti and a child standing in front of it
A man on his phone and smoking in Westbury
A boy sitting on a wall
Children on the curb in Westbury
A grandmother dancing with children in Westbury

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