In Conversation: Oye Diran shares insights on his images

Oye Diran is a fashion and Fine Art photographer with an eye for capturing and evoking raw emotion. The Lagos born creative, transplanted to New York as a child, is driven by a passion for fusing pops of colour with detailed motifs.

We spoke to Oye about his artwork and, browsing through his prints and images he spoke about some of his favourites and the meaning they hold for him.

Verity, unbecoming

This image is from one of my most recent series called “Verity”.  With this image I aimed to express the divine state that we truly are after letting go of the facades, masks and  filters that we put on from childhood up to adulthood in order to fit into society.


In 2017, I started the Gele series with an aim to convey my interpretation of the regality and beauty of the African woman through the symbolical meaning and conceptual styling of the Gele, which is a traditional Nigerian Headwrap. This is a personal project that I plan on shooting for a while and hope to aid the tearing down of misconstrued representations of such beauty.

Lucid Thoughts

“Lucid Thoughts” is a 3 part photo series that conveys the power of
creating or manifesting your thoughts or desires.  Colors and what they symbolize are key components in this piece.  The white color represents
divinity/divine power/divine source while the gold color conceptually
painted on the eye and hand signifies the value of one’s vision, and the
power our hands have to create what we envision.

Black Monarch

    In this image I aim to convey and embrace the beauty, strength and resilience of the Female African descent which resonates through the queen image that she is. Styling and directing was inspired by royal fashion around the world, from the Aztec Empire to Ancient Egypt” . The dominant use of gold in this image is to represent wealth and royalty.

Blue Thoughts

  This is one of my favorite images. I use blue colored lighting to emphasize the rich dark tone of the model’s skin, embracing the beauty in black skin. In addition, the color blue also represents depth and stability. The model appears to be in a state of meditation and deep thinking. Hence, Blue Thoughts.

Portrait of the photographer

Between 10 and 5