Portrait of rhema socika focusing on her tattoo

Khomotso Mapholo Celebrates the Beauty of Ink with Gardens on Her Skin Photo Series

Khomotso Mapholo is a 23 year old Photographer based in Johannesburg. His work focuses on fashion and portrait photography celebrating the beauty and aesthetic around us through fashion, beauty and cityscapes.

We take a look at his photo series, Gardens on Her Skin, featuring musician and model Rhema Socika.

The series aims to highlight the beauty of ink on the human body. It looks at how it marks the body and the journey of the soul. Socika when discussing the photo series she felt the following:

Her skin is the reflection of the divine feminine, the essence of living your truth and embracing your beauty through your existence, through your expression and even through your ink. The embodiment of all that is beautiful and brave because the choice to recreate the self is a decision not many can take on and the art of permanence is one that not many understand. Just like seeds mark the soil with flowers when they grow, her ink marks her skin with the same kind of beauty.

a portrait of rhema socika looking a the camera

Portrait of rhema socika focusing on her tattoo

black and white portrait of rhema socika

Black and White Portrait focusing on Rhema Socika's Tattoos

portrait of Rhema Socika in Black and White

Follow Khomotso Mapholo on Instagram and Behance or visit his website for more of his portraiture. Rhema Socika can be found on Instagram where you can hear her RnB and alternative Hip Hop as well as see more of her work.

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