Allan Gray “Father’s Share” by Plank Film Productions

The above advertisement illustrates a beautifully directed universal story in a very South African way. At the same time, it subtly reflects the essence of Allan Gray’s investment philosophy. This video is gently humorous, yet heart-warming. It also showcases a fable of a relationship between parents and their children.


Advertiser: Allan Gray
Head of Advertising: Zwelethu Nkosi
Creative Agency: King James II
Strategist: Lesego Kotane
Producer: Wendy Botha
Creative Founding Partner: Rob McLennan
Founding Partner: Graeme Jenner
Integration Creative Director: Michael Wilson
Production Company: Plank Film Productions
Director: Peter Pohorsky
DOP: John Christian Rosenlund
Producer: Ben Kaufman

Check out this MarkLives #Campaigns: Allan Gray’s Father’s Share • King James II video listed under the Cinematography and Direction – 91 to 180 seconds at Ciclope Festival.

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