Volta by Paul Nevison Creative

Lake Volta, Ghana: the world’s largest man-made lake sustains thousands of lives – but it’s fishing industry is too often built on the backs of vulnerable children. Most are younger than 10. Many are trafficked against their will. The overwhelming majority suffer abuse and work long hours in life-threatening conditions.

Henry, a Compassion centre director, is fighting the practice. “We teach our young people about their rights,” he says. “We teach them to look out for each other and report any time they suspect a child would be trafficked or abused. I know that when these young people grow older, we will be free of child traffickers forever.”


Client: Compassion 

Director/Writer: Paul Nevison

Client Rep: Janine Daly, Jess King

Production Assist: Stacy Kennedy

Cinematography: Bjorn Amundsen

AC: Caleb Ware

Composer: Brett Anthony Shaw

Additional Music: Ryan Taubert

Editor: Paul Nevison

Colourist/Titles: Matt Fezz

Sound Design/Mix: Ryan Pribyl

Voiceover: Jesse Miti

Stills: Helen Manson

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