GLO – Steps by Glorious Foreman

GLO – A 20-year-old Recording Artist Signed to Restorical ENT who spread the message of G.L.OR.Y all over the nation through the performing arts where G.L.OR.Y stands for:

G – Gods

L – Love

O – Over.

R – Rebellious

Y- Youth

Check out this Glo Steps by Glorious Foreman listed under the Commercials, Cinematography Category at Ciclope Festival.

CICLOPE Festival is the international conference and award show dedicated to craft in moving image. In the last few years, it has become the ultimate platform for directors, creatives, artists, producers and entertainment professionals to network, be inspired and catch up with the latest trends in storytelling.

Visit the Ciclope Africa Festival website to see the winners.

Between 10 and 5