Blick Bassy Ngwa Official

Ngwa by The Star Film Company

“Ngwa” by Blick Bassy – from the album “1958” is out on 8th March 2019.

This music video reclaims an important moment for Cameroon. The Artist, Blick Bassy, latest track grapples illustrating utmost beauty and honesty unfolding spectacular landscapes of Lesotho. With this music video, the artist soothes torment and honour lives that were uprooted and lost.

Bassy himself poetically emphasizes the emotional importance and dedication of the work to us. “Ngwa, my friend, you who fought for our freedom, for our sovereignty, you who gave your life so that we are equal, you are my hero,” he says. “With this song, I wanted to pay tribute to your fight, our fight, but also to your philosophy, where the values of equality, antiracism, anti-xenophobia, serve emancipation and fulfilment of every human being. This is my way of paying tribute to you. To Um Nyobè.” And with the depth of such a tribute, all listeners benefit as the message and music settle upon the soul.

Production Company: The Star Film Company

Director: Tebza

Executive Producer: Ksenija Strydom-Micic

Co-Producers: Nomtha Dano and Mbuyi Makanda

Art Direction and Costume Designer: Tamzyn Botha

DP: Justus de Jager

Post Production: Left Post Production

Editor: Saki “Fokken” Bergh

Colourist: Keno

Post Production: Geppetto’s Workshop

VFX: Gui Felix

Animation: Yolandi Meiring

Final Mix: Louis Enslin

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