An Open Letter of Apology

We would like to formally take this opportunity to be open and transparent about the coming of the article under the headline ‘50 Queer Creatives Redefining Social Norms’ that was published on 6 April 2020. 

The intention of the article was to showcase some amazing creatives and did not aim to be an exhaustive list. It has come to our attention that the article was not well received by some of the featured creatives and members of the LGBTQIA+ community for instances of misrepresentation and further plagiarised Ponahalo Mojapelo and Casey Delport’s work. 

10and5 apologises sincerely to the Bubblegum Club editorial team and the queer community at large for the misstep and callousness.

While the editorial team understands the serious nature of plagiarism and the broader impact it has, we are investigating where system lapses took place. We promise to do better moving forward and continue to provide daily updates from South Africa’s creative industry.

Between 10 and 5