Retro Retro Magazine For Vintage Fashion Lovers

The creators of Retro Retro Magazine recently completed the Third Issue of the publication for readers and their audience of vintage fashion followers.

One of the editors of Retro Retro Magazine, Zuko Cele, describes it as:
“a two-part publication that illustrates the spirit of our age. Part 1 is titled “Friends in threads”, dedicated to fashion photography and style articles that demonstrate an unconventional approach to fashion. Part 2 is titled “Woke & Broke”; this broad section gives young minds a platform to share their personal experiences and opinions about living in today’s society. Retro Retro Magazine is for individuals who are eager to see something different and want to read something that gives them a new perspective on life. It is by the youth and for the youth.”
Retro Retro is an online, vintage fashion store with many of its readers also dedicated customers. The editorials are usually styled in a way that is both practical and with a splash of personality – outfits that one would wear to campus or on a weekend outing. Retro Retro Magazine is proudly independent and self-published, which allows them to stay true to themselves as editors and to their readers.
The third issue of Retro Retro Magazine was co-edited by Zuko Cele and  Mbalenhle Khuzwayo.  Both are still in their early 20s and feel that this has a great influence on the content in the issues, as they are constantly evolving and learning new things about society and themselves.
Engagements and conversations with their peers inspire their perceptions and give them a range of perspectives on what it is to be a young adult, many of whom are still trying to find themselves and others who are trying to make sense of adulthood. The magazine is unfiltered and true, all the features and contributors speak from their own experiences and which might be the reason that its audience finds so much to relate to in the publication.
In Zuko’s  editor’s letter, he describes the third issue of Retro Retro Magazine as an “ode to the culture of thrifting, which is why I connected with experienced thrifters that share a mutual love and respect for the art of  thrift shopping to discuss our thoughts and opinions on where the culture came from, where it is today and where it’s going. The title of Young & Thrifted celebrates the pride and passion that so many thrifters, vintage lovers and Retros share for old clothes.”
“The magazine is not targeted to a specific demographic; instead, it is aimed at an audience that is inquisitive, inspired, self-aware and experienced. Someone who is 20 can have more life experience and maturity than another person that is 25, both these characteristics are subjective which is why the relevance of the magazine is subject to your own growth and awareness,” says Zuko.

Contributors for Retro Retro Magazine Issue 03 were; Tessa Mampofu, Siyabonga Mjwara, Megan Hall, Zuko Cele and Victoria da Costa.

The publication is available for free online.

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