Martin Magner – Power of Too Much – Is Never Enough

Martin Magner ™ has taken South Africa’s pop scene to the next level with this imaginative, creative, over-the-top music video. It is too much, but I can’t seem to get enough of it. And that is exactly the point this creative director from Cape Town is trying to make.

He’s speaking up for that weird (often gay) friend we all have. The one that dresses up, puts on some flashy eye-shadow (over most of the upper half of their face), pouts in every picture and loses their marbles at every party.

He has even trademarked his name, probably as a symbol of his unique, in your face style that cannot be copied. And this video, directed by Nelis Botha and hair-styled by Salome De Wet, speaks volumes. If a picture speaks a thousand words, this music video is a whole library!

And that’s just the images.

The lyrics start off with, “Really shy and quiet little guy, dying to be different with no clue why…” And continue to perfectly explain the internal experience we all have when we feel judged. But this is a song of empowerment, of saying “so what, I’m a freak and I know you’re struggling just as hard to pretend to be normal, so let’s drop the facade and express ourselves.”

There is a little bit of muchness in each of us and Magner has exposed our ability to use this power to our advantage. Instead of making ourselves sweat to cover it up he’s urging us to make others sweat as they try to make sense of it.

“Power of Too Much: You’ll always be ‘young’ in someones eyes and ‘old’ in someone else’s eyes, ‘talented’ to a friend and ‘terrible’ to another. The world’s never gonna agree on a definition of what you are, so you might as well ignore it all and be whatever you want for yourself.”

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