Stiff Pap

Stiff Pap Continue Breaking New Sonic Ground

Stiff Pap recently released their first music video, with their latest single “Maradona”. The post-kwaito duo, made up of producer Jakinda and rapper Ayema made a bold entry into the South African music scene mid-2017 with the EP ‘Based on a Qho Story’ and have since graced stages including Afropunk, and Oppikoppi among others.

Stiff Pap tread skillfully along the fringes of trap, rap, kwaito, and electronica on this track, continually crafting a dark and grimy sound which is both industrial, while still providing a healthy breath of fresh air.

Jakinda-produced (RBMA Alumni 2018) “Maradona” includes his signature industrial but flirtatious production styles, while taking a lean towards the popular characteristics of trap. Ayema cuts through with sharp lines and paints pictures of hood success, and playful determination. Simmy echoes these sentiments with a melodious verse to tie it all together.


Directed and Produced by Stiff Pap

Cinematographer: Thandie Gula-Ndebele

Stylist: Luke Bell Doman

Assistant Stylists: Sarah Hugo-Hamman and Iviwe Yekani

Editing and Animation: Jakinda

Production Assistant: Andrew Aitchison

Between 10 and 5