Vega Graduate Alecea Basson Talks Design & Creativity

Up-and-coming brand communicator, designer and art director Alecea Basson wants to create work that is not only beautiful but also fun, useful and relatable. We spoke to the recent Vega graduate about creativity, what drives, inspires and moves her.

Q: Who is Alecea Basson?

A: I’m a strategic designer and art director, currently based in Cape Town. I’m a melting pot of things. I’m originally from Johannesburg and, from a young age, I’ve been splitting my time between South Africa and East Asia, where I eventually studied Mandarin Linguistics before coming to Cape Town. I’m an animal lover, tea drinker and guitar collector, with a touch of design OCD. You’re likely to find me somewhere on a beach drawing on inspiration for my next project and adventure.

Q: Describe your work to me.

A: My work is a balance between art direction and design. It’s somewhat modernist; clean, structured, highly conceptual and demands interaction. As an avid learner, I find absolute joy in working with a diverse range of projects, especially where I have the capacity to influence change or add value and meaning, whilst being enriched and enlightened.

Q: What does art/design mean to you?

A: I advocate for sustainable design that addresses environmental, societal, or cultural issues. I believe that design has a higher purpose. It needs to be utilitarian, but sophisticated. It should evoke change.

Q: What inspires your work?

A: I draw inspiration from the environment. Not only nature, but all elements and forms of our surroundings. I also have a deep love for science in design, architecture, the hands-on physical construction and its technicalities.

Q: Which artists/creatives have inspired you the most in the past?

A: The design philosophy of Massimo Vignelli has resonated with me from day one. His timeless yet simplistic approach to design and the world around us has been very inspirational to me.

Q: What do you hope people take away from your work?

A: In the words of Vignelli: ‘the world is filled with bad design’. As designers, it’s our responsibility to fight against the ugly and the visual disease that is bad design. I find it rewarding when people can relate to, learn from or have fun with my work. The fact that I have the ability to make someone think twice, or just put a smile on their face – that shift is amazing.

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