Illustrator Lauren Fowler explores the “symbol of temptation”

Lauren Fowler, an illustrator living and working in Cape Town, recently released new work that touches on the themes of transformation, rebirth, and spirituality.

Her spirituality lives in nature, magical realism, and the cosmos _- something that helped bring her latest work to life.

The creative energy that goes into my work is my life force. It’s literally putting down onto paper what happens in my heart, how my mind works and the song that my soul sings. It’s a language that I’m trying to communicate with you through the eye; through light energy and hoping that you see it.

Lauren focused on the snake as a vehicle for her latest work because of the way it sheds its skin. It’s a beautiful metaphor for how we can leave behind what no longer serves us as we learn and grow.

Roses also feature in one of her pieces, with the petals and thorns symbolising both softness and harshness.

I researched what roses and snakes symbolise together, and got: “the ultimate symbol of temptation”. They also represent the loss of innocence and beauty.

Lauren has been running her own business, Lost is a Place Too, since 2008 and sells her prints to those who are looking for something a little different.

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