Machine in the Garden Exhibition Opens at Gallery 2

The Machine in the Garden exhibit will be opening on 4 May and will run until 25 May at Gallery 2 in Parkwood

Johan Myburg will open the exhibition, after which art lovers can browse through work from Heidi Fourie, Allen Laing and Jaco van Schalkwyk.

The exhibition will focus on conversations between landscape and memory as well as man/machine vs. nature, with strong themes of eroticism and exoticism.

Heidi Fourie has been working as a full time visual artist, specialising in painting, experimenting with film and sculpture since 2012. She has also received numerous awards.

Allan Laing is a contemporary sculptor and installation artist who is known for his imaginative machines. His projects are based on his own experiences and he enjoys working with a variety of materials, including wood and bronze.

Jaco van Schalkwyk brings his passion for nature and animals into his artwork. Jaco’s work is represented in several collections in South Africa and abroad and he has received a number of prestigious awards.

Between 10 and 5