Light – A Black and White Exploration of the Mind

Directed by Robert dos Santos for TailorMe, Light is a fashion film that touches on the human concept of attaining balance though life.

Set against the backdrop of a desolate but beautiful Johannesburg, Light was shot through the lenses of old Soviet era cinema lenses from the 1970’s. The aim was to capture moments of light and dark, movement and chaos, chaos and calm and to showcase the beauty in all of it.

The film was inspired by Carl Jung’s quote “I’d rather be whole than good” and follows a character that follows local musician Josh Kempen as he floats through the inner recesses of his mind. 

“The intention was to look at the contrast between white and black in both a literal and a metaphorical sense. The moments in white are made all the more beautiful due to the darkness around them, and the same applies to those moments in black.”

Between 10 and 5