POWER OF SITE – Winter Sculpture Fair Returns to Nirox

The American Express Winter Sculpture Fair returned to NIROX on 11 & 12 May 2019. Along with an impressive collection of larger than life art displays, visitors were able to enjoy wines and food from 22 wineries and 13 restaurants from the Franschhoek Valley.

The title of this year’s exhibition was POWER OF SITE, which spoke to humankind’s ability to pivot and evolve after insightful moments of genius. 

The exhibition featured work from 17 global artists who explored and reflected upon the sources, control, sustenance and sharing of the energy that underpins and dominates existence.

The centerpiece of the fair was the exhibition titled, Power of Site, was curated in collaboration with Lorena Guillén Vaschetti of Argentina and Adam Jeppesen from Denmark.

Here is some of the work that visitors enjoyed over the Mother’s Day weekend.

Richard Forbes – South Africa

The intention of the spinning top is to evoke memory of invention and to awaken curiosity about our relationship with nature.
Riyas Komu – India

Ambedkar in a blue suit…is a call to educate, agitate and organise – propelling humanity to new frontiers and expanding the idea of the human.
Richard Long – United Kingdom

Richard Long has transformed walk – ing and interacting with nature into a significant artist’s medium, with many artists following in and in – spired by his footsteps.
Marco Miehing – Germany

The work’s individual components create an ongoing opposing condition of movement and resistance, forming a hermetically-closed construction, which holds itself temporarily together.
Michael Mieskes – Germany

The CNC-milled aluminium objects are based on a digital process resulting in a synthetic appearance creating an opposition to its natural surroundings.
Moataz Nasr – Egypt

Nasr’s monumental Sunboat is inspired by the similarities between stacked construction trusses in rural South Africa and the raised oars of a 4,500 year old ‘solar boat’ discovered near the Great Pyramids of Giza.
Jake Singer – South Africa

This series is a metaphor for progress, where a plethora of tiny pieces come together to form a coherent whole; from chaos to harmony.
Adejoke Tugbiyele – USA/Nigeria

“A Shrine – A sacred space In harmony with nature Where one finds rest and inner tranquility An escape from unjust confines of unequal social constructs we are learning to shed and dismantle A site of freedom”
Marina Abramovic – Serbia

Tesla Urn is dedicated to the Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla, who made ground-breaking inventions that are still of importance for us today, especially in the area of electric engineering.

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