Education and the Poor White made by Mikhael Subotzky

Massive Nerve Corpus Series by Mikhael Subotzky on Display at Goodman Gallery

Goodman Gallery Johannesburg recently opened Massive Nerve Corpus, an exhibition of provocative new paintings and works on paper by Mikhael Subotzky.

Massive Nerve Corpus is a continuation of Subotzky’s self-exploration of white masculinity. This theme and subsequent body of work builds on the fictional film installation from Subotzky’s previous exhibition at Goodman Gallery WYE (2016), which interrogates the white male psyche and was most recently shown at UCLA’s Fowler Museum as part of their exhibition, Inheritance: Recent Video Art from Africa.

This exhibition is notable for introducing audiences to Subotzky’s evolved practice which has come to incoporate a unique approach to painting. This process sees the artist printing found images or photographs from his archive onto canvas or linen, which he then manipulates through various processes.

For Subotzky, this shift in his way of working is an attempt at being more “vulnerable and self-reflexive” in his practice. By making this process so transparent and using images of a highly personal subject matter, Subotzky hopes this body of work “will contribute in some small way to the deconstruction of white masculine power, rather than reinforcing it”.

The exhibition opened on Saturday 18 May and runs until the 6th of July.

Education and the Poor White made by Mikhael Subotzky

Mikhael Subotzky, Education and the Poor White (or Boy suffering from Malaria. His whole diet consists of mieliemeal and coffee – all without sugar or milk), 2019

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