Studio Collectiv: Specialized Partnerships Beget Gorgeous Bespoke Work

We got a hold of Studio Collective, a global design and communications consultancy, to have a look at who the brand is and what they do. They took us through exactly who and why they are.

Who we are

Studio Collective is a multi-disciplinary design and communications consultancy run by creative partners all over the world.
As a small but spirited company working at a time when the world of work is reinventing itself, we’re embarking on a new way to approach creative services: by keeping our core team small and using an international association of dedicated partners to work together to tackle the unique needs of each individual client.
Those partners come from all kinds of different backgrounds and disciplines. They are illustrators, developers, social scientists, journalists, campaign strategists, publicists, business managers and nonfiction writers, working out of Cape Town and New York.

Wine Bottles with Studio Collective branding

A label on a wine bottle from Studio Collective

Grey labels on wine bottles from Studio Collective

How we work

Specialized partnerships beget gorgeous bespoke work.
Studio developed organically, with a group of freelancer friends of different talents, origins, and capabilities who began commissioning each other to work on their clients’ respective projects. We’ve continued this tradition, more than anything because we’ve found that it works for us.
Because every client’s needs are unique to them, we focus on building bespoke teams that can effectively approach the work with the right capabilities.
Grounded Coffee Label Range from Studio Collective
Grounded Loyalty cards from Studio Collective
Brands big and small
We work with startups, small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, in addition to larger, more established brands. We don’t work on big agency fees and highest bidders. Instead, we’re drawn to people and organizations that are doing work that is interesting and impactful, and who are open to building exciting new things with us. In other words, don’t be shy to give us a call.
A global playground
We serve clients on four continents and work in five cities around the globe. If you are interested in learning more about how we do this, email us at
Non-advertising approach

None of our founding members come directly from advertising, so we don’t follow a specific school of thought or methodology. We find this liberates our work processes and lets us focus on what needs to be done rather than following a perceived right way of doing something. Our approach is experimental, iterative, and individualised.

Studio AP Business cards from Studio Collective

Studio Raw Mocks Stationery from Studio Collective

Studio Raw Mocks Choc Close

What we do

At Studio Collective the work we do almost always begins at the drawing board: we focus on making new brands and rethinking old ones that aren’t working.
Sneaker Lab Insta from Studio collective
Soothing Scents Packs made with Studio Collective
Be sure to check at Studio collective, as well as working with brands they also make things like books, websites, product design and retail packaging. They are a collective that you should be following.

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