Escape | A Sci-fi Short Film by Opera Browser and FORT

Opera has released an intelligent form of marketing with a sci-fi short film, directed by Amr Singh. Titled ‘Escape’, the film was shot in Johannesburg for a European audience. The brand gives the following synopsis for the short film:  

In a future controlled by technology, one person searches for an Escape.Stories have long been a powerful way of communicating ideas. They predate written history, even writing itself. They are a vessel to take the lessons we’ve learned as a collective species and preserve and transmit them across cultures and generations. The very fabric of human existence is woven into our classic narratives.At Opera, we crafted a story based around a very simple principle: we have choices, and our choices matter.Over the last century, one of the most influential modes of storytelling advocating for change has been science fiction. The genre allows storytellers to take real-world problems and place them in a context in which they can be re-examined free of the preconceptions that so often limit our perspectives. We felt this was the perfect setting to articulate our story as a brand. However, we knew that if we were going to tackle science fiction, we had to do it right.We wanted to reference some of our own favourite films and novels that share the same vision; to pay homage to this vast canon that’s been so influential in our and so many people’s lives.Authors such as Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, series like Star Trek and Black Mirror, and films ranging from Metropolis to Blade Runner who has taken on difficult social and political issues and successfully framed them in such a way that forced us to confront them.A key element implicit in science fiction is hopeful. Many works feature dark or sinister settings; a future has gone wrong. Yet regardless of tone, the fact that this depiction is of a fictional future leaves us with the hope that this is something we can prevent. Dystopian fiction takes our fears of the present and shows how they might become amplified in the future. It reminds us we can choose a different course.Today there seems to be a growing sentiment of dissatisfaction with the direction we are all heading, be it on a personal, institutional, or global level. This realisation is one step in the right direction, but awareness alone is not enough; it must be substantiated with a choice. We crafted a story based around a very simple principle: we have choices, and our choices matter.

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