Francesco Mbele’s upcoming photographic series ‘Muslims’ shows diversity of Islamic culture

Toxic masculinity is killing your art. (Image of Francesco for @fgukmagazine

Francesco Mbele is from Johannesburg, and many will recognise him as a versatile model for My Friend Ned. He recently began working on a photography series titled ‘Muslims’. The project revolves around profile pieces of interesting individuals as they journey through the religion of Islam.

The individuals chosen for the project are from a variety of races, cultures, genders and sexuality, all in an attempt to show the wide demographic that Islamic followers come from. It displays the beauty of the religion to others who often misunderstand and marginalise its followers. The project also attempts to demonstrate to Muslim youth that it’s okay to be different and that embracing what makes you different is desirable.

It is important to note that Francesco is also Muslim and “felt inspired to do this series since I had an unusual upbringing, being a biracial brown Muslim kid in Johannesburg.”

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